Insomniac Created New Spider-Man Canon With Marvel’s Blessing

Insomniac Created New Spider-Man Canon With Marvel’s Blessing

During an interview with IGN, Insomniac CEO Ted Price said that Marvel gave them permission to create new Canon for Spider-Man.

Being an X-box owner is tough right now with the latest release from Insomniac Games, Spider-Man. Sony and Insomniac (Ratchet & Clank/Spyro) teamed up to deliver an incredible new story and re-introduce us to a handful of characters that fans have already been aware of for quite some time. Dipping into a rogues gallery can be tough, especially when there’s already so much lore that surrounds characters and origins, but according to a new interview with Insomniac president and CEO Ted Price, Marvel actually gave them the green light to do what they want:

“[Marvel said] ‘Look, we’ve got a lot of characters. Pick a character that you guys think works for you, and then we’d love to hear your take on it.’”

As I’ve been playing the game I’ve been overwhelmed with the incredible attention to detail that developer Insomniac Games has spent on the popular character. The way that he interacts with NPCs on the street is one thing, but Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 manages to take characters and origins that we’ve grown to love in a new direction and manage to handle it in a way that feels organic and how it’s supposed to play out on screen.

Spider-Man on PS4 is now available in physical form and digital download.

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Source: IGN