Squirrel Girl Headed To TV With ‘New Warriors’

TVLine has just announced that Marvel and ABC Studios are developing a New Warriors half hour comedy series which would feature Squirrel Girl. The show doesn’t currently have a network attached, as Marvel is currently shopping around for cable and streaming outlets.

The New Warriors are a superhero team made of teenagers, and for the show has been confirmed to include Doreen Green (aka Squirrel Girl). Other members in the comics include Nova, Haechi, Hummingbird, Justice, Scarlet Spider, Speedball, Sun Girl, and Water Snake. The New Warriors were also the group responsible for the tragedy that marked the beginning of the comic Civil War. Squirrel Girl was not a member of the team in the comics, but is likely included for the show due to her recent surge in popularity. Another possible member of the team for television could be Ms. Marvel as her name had been tossed around for a potential show several times, and this teenage team could be the perfect place for her.

With New Warriors being developed as a show, it is unlikely a primarily film-based actress like Anna Kendrick would sign on to play the character of Squirrel Girl, but one can hope. Furthermore, like all Marvel shows it is assumed this will take place within the MCU.

Source: TVLine

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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