Stan Lee Was No Fan Of 1970s ‘Spider-Man’ Television Series

Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee, who is usually supportive of Marvel adaptations, has stated that he hated the live-action TV series from 1977-1979.

The Amazing Spider-Man TV Show
Stan Lee has been very supportive of almost all Marvel adaptations, but one that he absolutely can’t stand involves his and Steve Ditko’s most iconic creation – Spider-Man. CBS’s 1977-1979 The Amazing Spider-Man series starring Nicholaus Hammond was the second time the character was shown in a live-action format following the character’s appearances on the PBS sketch comedy series The Electric Company.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee noted that he didn’t see The Amazing Spider-Man as a faithful realization of his iconic comic book character:

“The Spider-Man TV series I was very unhappy with because very often, people will take a novel, let’s say, and bring it to the screen… and they will leave out the one element, the one quality that made the novel a best-seller. With Spider-Man, I felt the people who did the live-action series left out the very elements that made the comic book popular. They left out the humor. They left out the human interest and personality and playing up characterizations and personal problems.”

While Lee disliked the show, he did claim that the visual effects were good for their time. One of the only other Marvel adaptations that he expressed dislike for was the unreleased 1994 Fantastic Four movie. Lee has been hugely supportive of the subsequent live-action adaptations of the Spider-Man franchise that have arrived in the years since, praising Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland alike.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017. The film features a cast that includes Tom Holland as Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Robert Downey Junior as Tony Stark (Iron Man), Zendaya Coleman as Michelle, Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Tony Revolori as “Flash” Thompson, Laura Harrier as Liz Allan, Marisa Tomei as May Parker, Jon Favreau as Harold “Happy” Hogan, Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes (Vulture), Bokeem Woodbine as Herman Schultz (Shocker), and Michael Chernus as Phineas Mason (Tinkerer).

Source: The Hollywood Reporter