‘Monkey Master’ Is Your Next Superhero Movie From Stan Lee

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Stan Lee Monkey Master

In an exclusive by Variety, it has been revealed that Stan Lee has a new superhero project in the works called Monkey Master.

“It is a story that takes place between ancient and modern day China and India as the myth of monkey warriors, known to both cultures, come together in the creation of the a modern day superhero,” explains Sharad Devarajan, co-founder and CEO of Graphic India, who is a long time collaborator with Stan Lee on past projects and this one as well.

Monkey Master will be a live-action film predominantly directed towards the Chinese market. This could prove to be a very profitable move for the project as the Chinese market has proven to be more and more important in the last several years for a film to open big internationally.

One of the criticisms of not only superhero films, but films in general these days is the lack of diversity and white-washed casts that are supposed to depict international characters. Fortunately for Monkey Master, casting is said to include Chinese, Indian, and other international talent. However, the film will be in English with a western director.

Stan Lee spoke about how this film, while exploring Chinese and Indian myth, will have a broad appeal to audiences worldwide:

“I have always been fascinated by the Chinese and Indian cultures which are so philosophical and rich in tradition and morality. Monkey Master will be unique in how it interweaves Chinese and Indian myth to create a hero that will entertain fans across the world with his martial arts skills and unstoppable super-powers.”

Jonathan Shen, founder and CEO of Shinework Pictures, one of the companies partnering with Lee’s POW! Entertainment to produce Monkey Master, further added to Lee’s comments about the film’s broad appeal:

“We are excited to leverage Stan Lee’s experience creating some of the worlds most popular superhero characters to create an epic Chinese superhero film that will not only appeal to China but also globally to international markets.”

The film is currently being fast-tracked and will most likely start production in late 2017.

Source: Variety

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