Stan Lee Reveals His Next Three Marvel Cameos

Stan Lee Cameo

Stan Lee may not be the President of Marvel Entertainment anymore, but he still plays a big part in the studio’s plans. He has attended cons, promoting and giving his thoughts on future Marvel movies and projects. He’s even appeared in those projects himself from time to time. For example, Lee has had a cameo in every single MCU film since the very beginning. That’s right, every one, from Iron Man to Captain America: Civil War.

Fans can’t get enough of these cameos, and actively look out for them in every Marvel movie. It’s like a big game of “Spot Stan Lee” that we hope goes on forever! While Stan Lee can’t cameo forever, we do know that we’ll be seeing his face pop up in Marvel films for the next two or so years, thanks to some news Lee shared during this weekend’s Fan Expo in Canada.

Stan Lee sat down with Breakfast Television for an interview during his time at Canada Fan Expo. When asked about his three upcoming cameos, all of which he had already filmed in Georgia earlier this year. It appears that the next Marvel films Stan Lee will show up in will be Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Stan Lee didn’t give any details about the cameos, like where to look out for him, but I’m sure it won’t be too hard to spot a face as recognizable as his. For fans wondering just how Stan Lee gets his cameos, and whether or not he has any say on the length of them, Lee explained:

“Oh no no, they decide. If I was deciding it would be a half hour role. They only give me a few seconds, and they’re afraid I’ll overshadow the star. You know how that is.”

That makes sense, given that Stan Lee’s current few second cameos make enough of an impact for them to be talked about long after the film has ended. You can watch Lee’s Breakfast Television interview below, and be on the lookout for his first new cameo this year when Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4.


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