Stan Lee Talks Upcoming And Favorite Marvel Cameos

Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Who doesn’t love Stan Lee? The man co-created a legion of our most iconic superheroes, and he helped build the foundation of the entire Marvel mythology. And at 93, he’s still promoting the good word for Marvel. He’s involved with various projects, he’s making many public appearances, and of course, he makes his always-anticipated cameos in the Marvel movies.

Last month, he made an appearance at a spotlight panel at San Diego Comic Con, and in typical Stan Lee fashion, it’s filled with many self-aggrandizing jokes and interesting comic book history tidbits. But when fans were able to give questions, he was asked about his cameos in the MCU and what cameos he has upcoming. He talked about two major Marvel movies, as well as an unknown Disney project.

“I can’t tell you what the cameos are. But I just did a cameo for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy [Vol. 2].’ I was so great, when you see it you’ll all write letters to the producer asking ‘Why didn’t Stan star in the movie?’ I also did a cameo for the upcoming ‘Doctor Strange.’ But the third one is a secret, it’s for a special Disney project — and I have no idea what that means.”

Him showing up in ‘Guardians’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ isn’t very shocking. Though he didn’t create the Guardians, he did make a cameo in the first film, and of course, he did create Doctor Strange along with artist and fellow Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko. As for the “secret Disney project”, that’s harder to figure out. With the Disney/Marvel synergy, it certainly makes sense for Disney to take advantage of Stan Lee’s presence. But what for? Perhaps a role in the ‘Big Hero 6’ TV show (in ‘Big Hero 6’, Lee is established as Fred’s father)? Perhaps an appearance in one of the Disney theme parks? Or something entirely different? These comments are vague, but color me intrigued.

After that, a fan asked him about his favorite Marvel cameo of his, and he referenced his drunken appearance in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

“I did one where I was somewhere with Thor, God of Thunder and Thor was drinking some potent Asgardian drink. And I said, ‘I want a sip of that… I can handle it. I took a sip, and the next scene I’m being carried out and slurring ‘Excelsior.’ Now, you may wonder why a scene that portrays me in such an unfavorable light is my favorite… I’ll tell you, this cameo is the only one I can think of where I had two scenes. Maybe next time I’ll have three!”

In ‘Age of Ultron’, Lee is a veteran and guest at the big Avengers Tower party, where Thor brings out a vial of Asgardian drink that should prove too much for mortal men. Lee’s character rebuffs his challenge, takes a drink, and immediately afterwards, is seen regretting this choice. It’s a cute moment, even including his iconic “Excelsior!”, and it’s not hard to see why this is a favorite of his.

Check out the rest of the panel recap for more Stan Lee goodness. What Stan Lee Marvel cameo is your favorite? What do you think that secret Disney project of his is?

According to his comments, you can look forward to seeing Stan Lee next in ‘Doctor Strange’ on November 4th, 2016.


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