‘Star Wars’ Director J. J. Abrams To Focus On New Stories Over Reboots

'Star Wars: Episode IX' director J. J. Abrams reveals that he wants to focus on new material over reboots moving forward.

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Director J. J. Abrams will return to the Star Wars franchise when he helms the final installment of the sequel trilogy, but it appears the filmmaker wants to focus on new material moving forward. In an interview with Digital Spy, Abrams revealed that he is looking to develop new material while commenting on the merits of sequels and reboots.

Though he was tight-lipped on the details, Abrams teased a couple of original stories he has written, including a project with HBO:

“I’ve written some things in the last year or so. One of them is a show we’ve just set up with HBO and there’s something else. These were original storylines and things that I’m really excited about getting to, because I felt like I was looking to not reboot anything.”

However, Abrams did note that sequels and reboots still allow for a certain amount creativity from filmmakers:

“It allows for new filmmakers, original storylines, where [the films] connect but not in a way that they make it a remake or a literal sequel. It keeps it unexpected and keeps it fun.”

As for his own future, Abrams seems eager to work on new material after Star Wars:

“If I could do anything, it probably wouldn’t be to want to reboot something.”

Of course, Abrams has become equally known for his involvement in established franchises as he has for his original works, having directed Mission: Impossible, Star Wars, and Star Trek films over the course of his career.

Star Wars: Episode IX is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on December 20, 2019.

Source: Digital Spy

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