7 ‘Star Wars’ Anthology Movies We Should See Next

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warsRogue One: A Star Wars Story is turning out to be a huge win for Disney and Lucasfilm in terms of both box office and overall critical acclaim. The grand experiment to see if fans of Star Wars are willing to see something vastly different from the episodic Skywalker saga led to a pretty inarguable conclusion, so of course we’re going to get even more of these “anthology” movies Disney has already admitted they want to keep making forever.

A young Han Solo and Lando Calrissian movie is in the works, probably tying in Boba Fett, as well, and rumors tells us that we could get a bounty hunter movie, a young Yoda spinoff, and just about anything else you can imagine that borrows from familiar franchise lore.

Personally, I find the idea of delving into established characters a bit reductive, in the sense that these “character prequels” have already proven to be far less interesting than something like Rogue One, which offers new faces and story arcs that happen ancillary to the main event. Unless they pull off a miracle with “Young Han Solo” by breaking this convention, I’m having a hard time looking forward to anything featuring the backstory of characters who’ve already had their time to shine.

The 9 movies I think Disney and Lucasfilm should make next are definitely departures to the formula in some ways, similar to how Rogue One let itself be a gritty war drama instead of a hero’s journey epic, not that Star Wars should avoid anything resembling the main franchise as long as it adds a new flavor to the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.

Let’s begin, then, with a trip that’s longer ago than any Star Wars movie yet…

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Jon Negroni

Jon Negroni

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  • Darthmanwe

    Revan or go home, Revan or go home, Revan or go home.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Taalat

    How have “character prequels” already been proven to be far less interesting? They haven’t even released one yet, so that statement makes no sense.

  • Chris W

    Exar Kun, and then KotoR.

  • Swarley133

    The Great Scourge of Malachor.

    I’d be down for anything that went into the Old Republic or the golden age of the Sith pre-Rule of Two.

  • Chris Simonato

    Darth Plagus would be a good idea

    • Joseph Chaisson

      I would like to see an in depth movie based around order 66. Maybe showing Bader tracking down and really owning the Jedi.

  • Bruh, I’ll go see a Kyle Katarn movie 5 times. I love that guy!

  • Also a WAR movie about the 501st would be AMAZING. Kinda like a Fury type of movie. God damn…

  • Joseph Chaisson

    All I really want is an Obi-Wan movie.