‘Star Wars’ Celebration Orlando Getting A 30+-Hour Livestream

Verizon is teaming up with Disney and Lucasfilm to livestream over 30 hours of content at the Star Wars Celebration Orlando convention.

Star Wars Show Live Celebration Orlando
If you can’t make it to Star Wars Celebration Orlando this year, then you’re in luck – Verizon will be livestreaming the convention’s most important events, much like they did with last year’s Celebration Europe. The convention will feature many announcements regarding the future of the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

The livestream will be held for all four days of Celebration, from April 13 to April 16, covering many of the most crucial events at the convention. That being said, not everything will be livestreamed – Star Wars Rebels premieres have been kept away from the camera at the previous two conventions, for instance, and a bit of Rogue One footage was exclusively shown to attendees.

Some of the major panels that have been announced are the opening panel commemorating the 40th Anniversary (which will be held on April 13), a panel dedicated solely to The Last Jedi (which will be held on April 14), and a panel dedicated to Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels. While no date has been given, a panel discussing EA’s Star Wars video games is expected to be held, along with several interviews with major cast and crew that worked on the eight movies. A full schedule of events should arrive sometime in the next few days as the convention gets closer.

Following this event, Celebration will be held again sometime in 2019, which will make 2018 the first year since the arrival of The Force Awakens that Lucasfilm will have skipped out on a convention.

Source: StarWars.com