‘Star Wars’ Comics To Explore Yoda’s Past

Yoda is returning to the Star Wars universe! Hit the jump to find out how, when and where you can next expect to see the little green man.

Yoda Star Wars

Yoda Star WarsThe Star Wars universe has continued to expand since Disney’s acquisition of the property, particularly with Marvel Comics publishing several monthly issues set in a new expanded universe. And now we’re getting something some wouldn’t expect to see: Yoda’s past. Well, some of it anyway. The story will centre upon Yoda’s days before the Clone Wars, with the only definite known about the time setting being that it is before the Phanton Menace and will feature a younger Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. The story will be the focus of Star Wars #26, and be told as the latest edition in Obi-Wan’s journal, where Luke reads stories written by Obi-Wan when he was on exile on Tatooine. The writer of the issue, Jason Aaron, spoke to StarWars.com about creating the issue and bringing Yoda back to the Star Wars universe.

“I was always trying to figure out a way for us to use Yoda. We’re a bit hamstrung in terms of the time period of our main story, because Yoda’s chilling on Dagobah. So this was the only way we could kill all those birds with one stone – to do one story that connects Luke, Yoda, and Obi-Wan all at the same time, while still taking place in three different time periods.”

“The other big challenge with Yoda, of course, is finding something that’s a challenge for him, right? Who can pose a threat to Yoda? I think we came up with an interesting answer to that question. That’s part of the mystery of this story. There’s a very specific reason that this is going to be quite the challenge for Yoda. It’s not a matter of just him being the more powerful Jedi. It’s a bit trickier than that.”

You can find out just exactly who Yoda will be up against when Star Wars #26 hits shelves in December 2016.

Source: StarWars Website

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