‘Star Wars’: Daisy Ridley Explains Why She Really Left Social Media

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Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley opened up about why she doesn’t use social media anymore.

While many of the Star Wars actors have a strong presence on social media, sequel trilogy star Daisy Ridley is arguably the most prominent member of the franchise to have no public social media accounts. While Daisy Ridley once had an Instagram account, she has since deleted the page and some fans have been wondering why she left ever since.

One of the more popular theories is that Daisy Ridley left social media after being the target of harassment over a post she shared about stopping gun violence. However, the Star Wars actress told DragCast that her decision to leave was partly made because she never wanted to be on social media, to begin with:

“I was asked to go on it, and, at the time, I was like, ‘Okay,’ and then it got to the point where I didn’t want to be on it and I was at my friend’s house in L.A., and I remember being like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to be on Instagram,’ and they were like, ‘Well, why don’t you come off?’ and I was like, ‘Oh.’ And it was really a nice, autonomous decision. Because I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t actually have to be on it. This is nice.’ And I always had a limit to what I shared anyway and, honestly, my life isn’t that exciting. So there were a lot of separate things.”

Daisy Ridley elaborated why being a part of social media just isn’t a part of her character:

“A lot of what I believe in is about communication and less distractions or whatever. I don’t like phones at tables, that sort of stuff. And I also think it’s that thing of … people need to be more connected and I think people think they’re more connected on their phones but I don’t believe that, so it’s also a secondary thing of, it’s a good way to get a message out but then we’ll all just be looking at our phones instead of talking to each other and letting life slip by while we’re scrolling.”

Are you disappointed that Daisy Ridley isn’t on social media? Share your thoughts on the Star Wars actress’s decision in the comments section below.

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Source: DragCast

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