Star Wars: Paul Blake Reveals Deleted Han / Greedo Scene

Greedo actor Paul Blake reveals a previously unkown deleted Star Wars sequence involving a big shootout with Han Solo and a battalion of Stormtroopers.

Star Wars Greedo

In a video interview with Sci Fi Central, Greedo actor Paul Blake revealed some juicy details about a previously unknown deleted scene from Star Wars: A New Hope, featuring a shoot-out with Han Solo.

“There’s a brilliant little sequence which I loved doing with Harrison, where we were shooting at each other like cowboys and Indians. We had this big gun battle where we were shooting at each other all morning. Then Stormtroopers come out the big double doors and we started firing at them.”

From Blake’s description, it sounds like this Star Wars sequence would have been incorporated into the shoot-out scene where the Millennium Falcon takes off from Mos Eisley amid heavy blaster fire. It should be noted that this sequence would have taken place after Greedo’s death, so it’s unlikely it would have worked in the final cut. Blake doesn’t actually specify that he’s playing Greedo in the scene however, so he also could have been a different Rodian.

Either way, it sounds like a Star Wars great sequence. It might never see the light of day, but as Blake notes, “I’m sure George has got it at Skywalker Ranch.” Perhaps a future Blu-ray release then.

For a link to the full video interview, where Star Wars actor Paul Blake gives his take on the infamous “Who shot first?” debate, head on over to Sci Fi Central’s Youtube Channel.

Source: Sci Fi Central