‘Star Wars’: Donnie Yen Reveals He Almost Passed On ‘Rogue One’

'Rogue One' star Donnie Yen reveals that he almost passed on the role of Chirrut Imwe & explains why he chose to accept the offer in the end.

Rogue One A Star Wars Story

As Rogue One: A Star Wars Story enjoys critical and financial success, one of the many aspects of the film being praised by audiences are the diverse characters and their chemistry with each other. Among the group of actors receiving praise for their performance is Honk Kong actor and martial artist Donnie Yen as the blind Force-worshiping warrior named Chirrut Îmwe. However, while Chirrut Îmwe has proven to be a popular character, actor Donnie Yen revealed to the LA Times that the role almost could have played by someone else entirely.

Yen explained why he had reservations about accepting the role after being contacted by director Gareth Edwards.

“It’s crazy but I was hesitant about taking this role. I was flattered but at the same time I didn’t want to leave my family for five months to go to London, because I just got off another movie.”

Despite his reluctance to leave his loved ones for a long period of time, Yen revealed that his family were partially responsible for why he ultimately chose to accept the role.

“I turned to my children and I said, ‘Do you like baba’s ‘Ip Man’ series?’ — because I’m known to Western audiences for ‘Ip Man’ ‘Or do you want baba to be in ‘Star Wars’?’ They went ‘Star Wars,’ of course!” I said, ‘Wait a minute — there’s something special there.’ Then my friends and family and fanboys, everybody was so excited and I realized, this is not just making a movie. You’re making history here. So that’s how I got involved, and I’m so glad I did.”

Fans are probably glad Yen got involved as well, as the actors use of his martial arts training and the characters comedic quips have provided some of the films most memorable moments.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now playing theaters!

Source: Los Angeles Times

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