‘Star Wars’ Land Ride Will Incorporate Elements Of Future Films

Scott Trowbridge, the leader of the Imagineering team on the Star Wars Land expansion has teased an anchor ride will include elements of future films.

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In a new interview with Bloomberg, Scott Trowbridge, the leader of the Imagineering team on the Star Wars Land expansion taking place at both Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California has revealed that when the park expansions open in 2019, visitors will have the chance to experience an anchor attraction that will include “a very epic battle” and incorporate elements of future films in the Lucasfilm franchise.

Plenty of news regarding the Star Wars land expansions came out of Star Wars Celebration Orlando over the weekend but this is the first mention of we’ve heard of the park incorporating elements of anything that could be potentially related to Star Wars: The Last Jedi or Episode IX, the final episode of the franchise’s sequel trilogy.

Trowbridge went on to add that the ride itself will involve “everything that makes Star Wars Star Wars.”

The new expansions featuring elements from future films comes as no great surprise but it is particularly interesting as it was revealed at Celebration that the park expansions will introduce fans to a never before seen outpost somewhere on the outskirts of wild space, separate from the galactic history we’re familiar with.

The outpost itself, described as a safe haven for those who may want to avoid the dominance of the First Order once thrived during the sub-light speed era of the galaxy.

While the leader of the Imagineering team remained tight-lipped on any more details regarding aforementioned anchor attraction, he was much more open regarding the Millenium Falcon experience as he explained that “We’re going to give you an opportunity to not just fly on it but to actually be at the controls.”

Bloomberg revealed that the Imagineers are testing pilots from the age of 3 to 79 in the prototype version of the Falcon’s cockpit. During the panel at Celebration, the Imagineering team explained that you and your flight crew (friends or family) will each have a specific role in the adventure on the iconic ship but no matter how bad your piloting skills are, you will arrive at your destination. The Falcon might just be more damaged than others and your reputation as a bad pilot reputation will follow you around the rest of the park.

Trowbridge also opened up about the entrance to Star Wars Land as he revealed that guests will enter the Star Wars galaxy through a doorway in a surrounding berm, plunging into one of the saga’s familiar-looking desert outposts and emerging into an exotic market a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away:

“It’s this exotic marketplace. It’s like a souk street market filled with stalls where you can buy fragrances and spices and clothes and toys and equipment from all across the galaxy, sometimes from the black market, but don’t ask too many questions.”

The Star Wars Land Disney park expansions come to life thanks to Disney’s partnership with WDI and the team members at Lucasfilm. For more than 25 years, Disney has been collaborating with Lucasfilm on ways to make these parks a reality and it will all finally come to fruition when the park expansions open in 2019.

Expect more news on Star Wars Land to be revealed during D23 this July and stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the future of the Star Wars franchise as we learn it.

Source: Bloomberg (via slashfilm)

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Michael Mistroff

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