‘Star Wars Rebels’ Creator Dave Filoni Debunks Fan Theory About Ahsoka

Star Wars Rebels creator and former showrunner Dave Filoni took a moment to debunk a theory about Ahsoka that rose shortly after the Season 4 trailer hit.

Star Wars Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni just had his birthday, but was nice enough to share fans with a gift – a bit of art that puts an odd theory about Ahsoka Tano to rest.

Ahsoka Tano’s fate was left ambiguous at the end of Rebels Season 2 – while it doesn’t appear that she was killed in action, it is believed that she’s entered a different state of Force consciousness. When the trailer for Season 4 hit, one of the first bits of new footage that was shown was a scene of a Loth-Wolf, a giant predator of the planet Lothal where series protagonist Ezra Bridger was born and raised. The scene in question featured a shot of Ezra’s teacher Kanan Jarrus – who was blinded earlier on in the series – reaching to pet the wolf in an environment that seemed to be a Force temple of some kind. This led to some speculation that, for whatever reason, the Jedi heroine somehow reincarnated as this Loth-Wolf… But Dave Filoni has just confirmed that they’re two separate beings.

So there you have it – Ahsoka Tano didn’t transform into the Loth-Wolf. Now, this doesn’t rule out the possibility that she might be controlling the creature from a distance, but it seems more likely that Ezra – whose talents in the Force involves being able to empathize with beasts – will be reaching out to the creature, as seen by his ability to ride the Loth-Wolf in the Rebels Season 4 trailer. Also worth noting is that the owl shown above (which is called a Convor) has been tied to a different aspect of Ahsoka’s story – her bond with the entity known as the Daughter of Mortis (based on the Convor’s color scheme matching the Daughter).

Star Wars Rebels returns sometime in the Autumn with its fourth and final season.

Source: Twitter