‘Star Wars Rebels’: Hera Will Be A General By Season 4’s End

Star Wars Rebels EP Dave Filoni confirmed that Hera Syndulla will be a General by the end of Season 4. Also, Rogue One had a subtle Thrawn reference.

Star Wars Rebels Disney XD

Star Wars Rebels Dave Filoni and select members of the voice cast are on hand for the Rebels Season 4 Panel today at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Joining Filoni on the panel were the show’s principal cast, including Freddie Prinze Jr., Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar and Steven Blum. The panel was streaming live on the Star Wars YouTube Channel. Be sure to check back later for the archived panel.

The panel was followed by a press conference, during which Dave Filoni confirmed that Hera Syndulla (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) will be a General in the Rebel Alliance by the end of Rebels‘ fourth and final season. Here’s what Filoni said (via IGN):

“She’ll be a general before the end of the season, let’s put it that way, which I think is cool.”

Of course, Rebels fans that listened closely during Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will have picked out a mention of “General Syndulla.” This wasn’t the only Rebels Easter egg in the film, as the show’s signature droid Chopper is featured, as well as Hera’s ship, the Ghost, which can be spotted in the final space battle.

Filoni did reveal, however, that there won’t be an entire episode about Hera’s promotion:

“I’m pretty adamant that it’s not something we’ll do a whole episode on necessarily. She should be a General! She has the experience.”

Hera voice actress Vanessa Marshall shared her excitement upon finding out that Hera would become a General:

“I was elated. I couldn’t feel my legs. I think my mind exploded for the millionth time since being a part of this franchise.” She added that considering all the questions about who might survive to the end of Rebels, “It’s like a life insurance policy! I was so grateful to hear that she exists.”

It was also mentioned during the press conference that Rogue One actually featured a very subtle reference to Thrawn, or at least his victory in the Rebels Season 3 finale (via i09):

“You see the after effect of [Thrawn’s victory] in Rogue One. They’re really hesitant to actually fight. It takes a lot to draw them out because they lost.” He continued, “These kind of things, I tend to play with the ideas I saw I saw in the movies. Lando becomes a General… I wouldn’t expect a big fanfare thing about it [for Hera]. He talks about the Battle of Taanab and you go, ‘That must have been cool.’ Somebody else can tell that story. I love that stuff about Star Wars and the way George [Lucas] wrote it. I love that there’s always the feeling of a bigger thing.“

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Star Wars Rebels will return for its fourth and final season this fall on Disney XD.

Source: IGN; i09