Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi Teaser

Whoa! Did anyone catch the new Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi Tease that just dropped online? I can’t wait to finally see what happened after Empire Strikes Back! So much happened and we had to wait three years until we get any answers but they’re not so far away now. We just have to wait until Christmas 1983. Firstly though, can I just say SPOILER ALERT for Han Solo, apparently he is unfrozen from Carbonite though I’m not entirely sure how yet. The trailer is essentially just a few images from the set but it looks exciting. Is that Tattooine? Are the Rebels wearing camouflage? What’s going to happen with Lando, can he be trusted? But the biggest question I have is about the title, is revenge something the Jedi even seek?

Ok, real talk, that’s probably the sort of thing I would have written if Heroic Hollywood was around in 1982 but it wasn’t- neither was the internet, but today dropped a rarely seen teaser. In fact, you only would have seen this before if you were lucky enough to see a double feature of A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back in a select few locations throughout England and premiered at the famous Leicester Square Odeon. The double feature ran all the way from May 3rd to Early December, clearly we weren’t quite over our love of the franchise- well I still don’t think we’re quite over it even now in 2016, or if we ever will be.

Of course, we now know that George Lucas elected to change the title back to what he originally wanted to call it, Return of the Jedi, opting to go against co-writer Lawrence Kasdan’s advice who insisted Return of the Jedi was too weak. We also now know that the release date changed from Christmas 1983 to May 1983, so The Force Awakens almost wasn’t the first holiday release for the franchise.

Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi is now available on Digital HD, Blu Ray, DVD, VHS, Betamax and Laser Videodisc.


Tommy Terry-Green

Tommy Terry-Green

Tommy is a Staff Writer at Heroic Hollywood from London, UK. He also co-founded GEEKSPACE and writes for Generation Comics.