‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Shows Rey & Kylo Ren’s ‘The Last Jedi’ Costumes

The pre-order bonus for Star Wars Battlefront II includes costumes for Rey and Kylo Ren, revealing what they will look like later on in The Last Jedi.

A recent image shared to GameStop that reveals Star Wars Battlefront II‘s preorder bonus has revealed what Rey and Kylo Ren will both look like at some point in The Last Jedi. The promotional image also hints at what kind of Force abilities we’ll see from the two characters in the movie.

The image, found on Reddit and shared by Star Wars News Net, shows off the appearances of Kylo Ren and Rey as they appear in the upcoming movie:

Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi Promo

The fine print reads as follows:

Kylo Ren:

  • Exclusive Star Wars: The Last Jedi-themed look.
  • 2X Epic Ability Modifiers that allow you to freeze and pull opponents as you use the Force.
  • Epic Ability Modifier for new First Order Hero Ship.


  • Exclusive Star Wars: The Last Jedi-themed look.
  • 2X Epic Ability Modifiers that allow you to control the minds of enemies.
  • Epic Ability Modifier that upgrades Millennium Falcon into Star Wars: The Last Jedi Millennium Falcon.

It should be noted, though, that both characters are adorned with a message that states “Movie production stills are not actual in-game images.” – signifying that these are not the in-game renders. Still, it’s not hard to imagine that they’ll look too different in the game itself. It’s also interesting to hear that the Millennium Falcon might look a bit different circa The Last Jedi than it did in The Force Awakens, or that Kylo Ren will have an attack ship of his own. It seems like we’re also going to get quite a few scenes of Kylo Ren without his mask this time around.

Source: SWNN (via Reddit)