Stephen Amell Teasing Iconic Green Arrow Look

This season on Arrow, we have been seeing Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen move from being the Arrow into the Green Arrow with the addition of his new costume and Oliver starting to become closer to his comic book counterpart.

However, one aspect that we haven’t seen with Arrow’s version of the Emerald Archer is the famous goatee. That may be about to change as Amell tweeted a few teases that indicates that the goatee is coming and that it might on the upcoming spin-off series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The tweets can be found below.

Something that also supports that theory was this tweet from White Canary herself as Caity Lotz tweeted this.

Funny enough, Amell had tweeted this summer that Oliver on the show would never sport the famous goatee, but clearly that has changed.

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(Andy Behbakht)

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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