Stephen Amell Wants To Be On ‘American Ninja Warrior’

Stephen Amell Workout

Actor Stephen Amell is most famous for his role as Oliver Queen AKA The Green Arrow on the CW’s inaugural superhero show Arrow. His and Greg Berlanti’s take on The Green Arrow has helped non-comic fans learn about Oliver Queen and also helped usher in the “Arrowverse” which now spans more than four shows on the CW surrounding many DC Comic superheroes including Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and soon to be Supergirl on the CW. As one of the non-super powered heroes within the Arrowverse, the actor has had to remain in tip-top shape. The actor is known for having an explosive workout regimen and the show even introduced us to the Salmon Ladder workout (sometimes called the “Arrow Bars”) where Amell shows off his skillset using the bars. Amell also has participated in the WWE where he participated in a few episodes of their weekly Raw program and even fought Stardust in the SummerSlam pay-per-view event. Always wanting to participate in activities to display his athletic prowess, Amell wants to do another televised activity.

Recently at the Salt Lack City Comic-Con, Amel was encouraged by fans to participate in American Ninja Warrior. The high-octane athletic competition where participants go through very difficult obstacle courses could be an interesting challenge for the actor. He previously had been asked by NBC to participate in the program but could not due to on scheduling opportunities and his commitment to Arrow. It now looks like Amell is ready to give American Ninja Warrior a try.

“Ok… It happened. The people of Salt Lake City and the great State of Utah pushed me over the edge. NBC American Ninja Warrior – in 2017, I would like to compete on your show.”

If he decides to go through with American Ninja Warrior, he could probably ask Supergirl stuntwoman Jessie Graff for advice. Graff was recently the first woman to complete the “Stage One Course,” finishing it in 12 minutes and 39 seconds. Amell will probably need to do a little bit of additional training but if he can tackle some pro-wrestling (which isn’t as fake as it is reported to be), this could be his next event to tackle.


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