Sterling K. Brown Is Still Down To Play Green Lantern

Sterling K. Brown responds to some Green Lantern fan-casting of himself and Justin Hartley, who plays Brown's brother on the show This Is Us.

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Sterling K. Brown responded to some fan-casting of himself and his This Is Us co-star Justin Hartley that suggested that the two actors portray Green Lanterns in the DC Extended Universe.

Brown and Hartley have garnered quite a bit of recognition over the past two years due to their hit show This Is Us. Brown has nabbed appearances in Black Panther and the upcoming action film The Predator, but one fan on Twitter isn’t happy with just these two franchises under Brown’s belt. Check out the Twitter exchange below.

It wasn’t only Brown who responded though. It seems that Hartley himself is down to join Brown in the Green Lantern Corps.

If the two were to be cast in the roles of John Stewart and Hal Jordan, it would mark the first time Brown would be playing a superhero but this territory is actually very familar to Hartley. When the Superman prequel show Smallville was still on the air, Hartley played the character of Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow.

Hartley’s history with DC didn’t even begin that far back though. Around the same time the first season of Smallville was airing in 2006, Hartley starred in an Aquaman TV pilot in which he played Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman. The TV movie was supposed to lead to a full series but it never came to fruition.

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Source: Twitter