‘The Strain’ Recap: S3E5 ‘Madness’

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Last week on The Strain, the bad guys fought back. Not only did we get the return of the real villain, Setrakian, but he enacted his revenge on the good guys to a major loss. With the suicide bombings of Strigoi at a few police command centers, they were able to lower morale and they even almost turned Councilwoman Justine Feraldo into one of them. Thanks to Eph and Quinlan stealing the Occido Lumen, the good guys aren’t trusting each other and are fractured themselves. Towards the end of last week, we confirmed that The Master did survive and as a result, the good guys are back to square one.

The first thing they did this episode was give us a global perspective of the apocalypse. Since the show has begun, this has been a New York-centric show. Everything that’s been happening has only been focused on the Big Apple. There have been brief mentions of other pockets in the United States, but for the most part, we’ve only focused on NYC. Setrakian’s monologue lets you know that it’s now a global pandemic. What started in a small plane has now hit every corner of the globe. Even if they find a way to stop the Strigoi, will there even be a world left?

We didn’t get to see who the “new” Master is this week. Instead, the episode focused mostly on the core group of good guys. They were all split up on their own adventures, but they all had something to do. Eph and Dutch worked on scientific ways to stop the Strigoi. Fet did some searching underground and made a discovery of his own. Finally, Setrakian and Quinlan did more research about the Occido Lumen and discovered a potential way to stop The Master.

Last week Dutch and Eph started bonding over their shared misery and their love of alcohol. This week, the two worked as partners in crime as they not only drank together, but they also hunted, captured, and experimented on Strigoi together. They waited in the part of a few to attack them and after dispatching the strong ones, captured a weak one where they would then take it back to their lab for more experimentations on. We got to see them discover more about their telepathic network that not only allowed them to coordinate and problem solve together, but also they shared their pain. The two made another discovery related to the fact that their communications seem to be through microwaves, and they can be distorted. Unfortunately, their scientific experiment ends towards the end of the episode, it gives them a little insight as to how the enemy works.

Meanwhile, Fet is also doing some research on his own. After tagging a few Strigoi, he follows them to discover that they are burrowing deep past the established safe zones and have created a master tunnel network that makes Central Park the new Ground Zero for them. After discovering the massive nest under Central Park, he immediately tells Councilwoman Feraldo about the next. It looks like next week will be an all-out assault on the nest.

While our heroes are out on their own adventure, Palmer is still somewhat playing both sides. He previously had made an offer to Setrakian for help in exchange for “The White” formula that maintains Setrakian’s youth. Setrakian has refused his offer. As a result Palmer still remains at Eichorst’s service, if only to hopefully stay alive. Palmer is also not doing well as the previous dose of The White that The Master gave him is wearing off and he’s back to his old sickly self. Eichorst has a new “number two” as we meet a new mystery benefactor as they want Parmer to ensure a shipment from Egypt can get through customs. Eichorst does say “It’s been a pleasure” to Palmer. It looks like Palmer’s outlived his usefulness.

Finally, Setrakian and Quinlan spend much of the episode studying the Occido Lumen. While it might seem as “boring” it does move the plot forward a little bit. Not only do we learn the key to stopping The Master, but we also learn that one of the other ancient Strigoi was defeated in Egypt. Now that they know how to defeat The Master, they need to find him. Setrakian doesn’t know who the “new” Master is, but Palmer might now. Setrakian meets with Palmer and although he doesn’t promise him the formula, he promises him one dose. With that, the two are now partners to take down The Master together.
Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode.

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