Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Is Based On An Actual Conspiracy

Netflix's Stranger Things

After an incredibly successful first season, fans of Stranger Things had been waiting for any news on the second season. The Netflix hit series got an official Season 2 confirmation two days ago, announcing a 2017 release date. But even with the focus being on the much-anticipated second season, people are still finding a lot of hidden details in the first season. For instance, you probably didn’t know that Stranger Things is based on real accounts that paint an existing conspiracy theory.

Back in 2015, Netflix announced a new show called Montauk, set in Long Island’s most eastern neighborhood. The show was reportedly based on the famous Montauk Project, a supposed series of secret experiments conducted by the US government in New York sometime during the 1980s. Preston B. Nichols, a science-fiction author, recounted the history of The Montauk Project in his book The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time.

Stranger Things, also set during the early ’80s, features a lot of references to top-secret government experiments that range from psychic children and monsters to wormholes and other dimensions. The Duffer Brothers, creators of the Netflix series, changed the setting of the show from Montauk, Long Island to Hawkins, Indiana. Along with the change of setting came a title change, turning the show Montauk into Stranger Things.

This essentially makes Stranger Things a show based on a true story. Or inspired by one, at least. The Montauk Project has never been proven, but some out there believe that experiments did take place in Long Island.

Al Bielek is one of these true believers. Bielek believes that he and his brother were actually soldiers from 1943 named Edward and David Cameron. Their battleship was sent through a wormhole, and the government attempted to cover it up by repressing his memories.

Bielek’s accounts may sound pretty wild, but you can at least see the similarities between them and the premise of Stranger Things. Who knows? Maybe when Stranger Things Season 2 rolls out, we’ll get to travel to New York or see some battleships pop out through wormholes.



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