David Harbour On ‘Stranger Things 2’ & Growing Man Bun For ‘Hellboy’

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Stranger Things star David Harbour has opened up on what fans can expect from Chief Hopper at the start of season two.

David Harbour has previously teased that the Chief’s arc in season two will be completely different from his arc in season one, going as far to say his struggle in the new season will be dealing with situations where he makes the wrong choice because of his desire to be a hero. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor shed some more light on the difference in Hopper between season one and two of the Netflix series:

“He’s a different man than he was in season one and he gets to go on a different arc. The first season he really sort of discovered why he was dead inside and like how he was finding his way out and he kind of came to life. And so in the second season, his arc is very different.”

David Harbour went on give fans an idea of where we find Hopper at the start of the new season and what his arc over the course of season two will entail:

“We start with a man who has sort of become heroic in a certain way, right? I mean he still has some of his stuff but he has gone on this heroic journey and now sort of the beginning of the [first] episode, we start examining the perils of what it is to be a hero or perhaps the fantasies that you have about yourself and the dangers of that. And that subtle arc takes him in a different direction which, I think, is equally satisfying but very, very different.”

For those who might be worried the Netflix series is playing it safe after the tremendous success of season one, David Harbour has assured the new season is taking risks and that the show will not be repeating itself:

“We’re taking a chance, you may not like it as much because you may be attached to those certain things, but the kids are growing up. Everything is changing and so we have to acknowledge that and live with that as opposed to try and pretend like we’re just doing the same thing because it was successful.”

As for season two itself, David Harbour revealed that he was worried whether or not they should even do another season being that season one was a (for the most part) complete story, but after reading the first few pages of the script for season two, it was clear there was more story to tell:

“I was worried going into season two, I was like ‘maybe we don’t even need to make a season two,’ like it’s a kind of complete story and then literally reading the first minutes of the first script, it opens up the world in a certain way and it gives us a place to go and I was like ‘oh this is fun, like this is a reason to do it,’ and so I think it will be will be a really fun journey. I think you guys will really like it.”

For the new season, The Duffer Brothers realized early on that they had too many ideas going on in the first two episodes of the season and that for the sake of propulsive storytelling, some of it was going to have to be saved for later. But David Harbour teased that the seeds of some of the excess ideas present themselves in the new season to help set up for pays offs to come later:

“We kind of know that we might have a couple more in us and so we start to lay pipe for things that will pay off in season three, things that will pay off perhaps in season four. And that’s exciting too — when you know you have a broader canvas and you can start to just lay in little secrets here and there that may not ultimately totally pay off in [season] two but we’ll answer them and address them further.”

David Harbour was also asked briefly about the new Hellboy reboot, Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen which he is set to star as the titular demonic hero. The film is not expected to go into production until September, however, Harbour was recently fitted for the Right Hand of Doom and revealed in his chat with THR that he is starting to grow out the man bun for the role.

In addition, David Harbour teased that he is starting to get weird for his Hellboy role and that “people are noticing”. The actor will be seen next when Stranger Things returns this fall.

Stranger Things 2 stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, and Noah Schnapp. The series has also added Sean Astin (The Goonies), Paul Reiser (Aliens), Brett Gelman (Jobs), and Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen into the mix as well.

Stranger Things 2 hits Netflix this Halloween. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on Stranger Things and Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen as we learn it.

Source: THR

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