‘Stranger Things’ Original Soundtrack To Be Released 

The Stranger Things phenomenon took the world by storm and probably boosted The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ number of times played exponentially. If you’re like me you’ve probably been anxious to hear the original score while you’re out and about the upside down.

The wait is finally over as Netflix released today that the original soundtrack for their hit sci-fi show would soon become available in two separate volumes, with volume 1 releasing this Friday, and volume 2 the following week on 8/19. The soundtracks are scheduled to release in digital form first with a physical release scheduled for September so get ready to turn it up to 11.

Composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, members of the Austin synth group, Survive. You can find them on Spotify by spacing out the letters between Survive, I’ve had them on repeat since.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Dixon revealed how they came across the Duffer Brothers.

“They’re fans of Survive somehow and it’s kind of a mystery… like, they don’t really know how they found us,” Dixon said. “But they did, and then they emailed us and asked if we were available. They put our song ‘Dirge’ from our last LP in their trailer for the show. Like, they made a little mock trailer to pitch their concept to Netflix, and they had the song ‘Dirge’ in there. They were like, ‘Oh, shit. That works pretty well for the trailer. It kind of got the vibe across.'”

Check out the sweet track list below and if you haven’t finished the show don’t worry about spoilers as the track names are vague and spoiler free.

Stranger Things, Volume 1 Track List

1. “Stranger Things”

2. “Kids”

3. “Nancy and Barb”

4. “This Isn’t You”

5. “Lay-Z-Boy”

6. “Friendship”

7. “Eleven”

8. “A Kiss”

9. “Castle Beyers”

10. “Hawkins”

11. “The Upside Down”

12. “After Sarah”

13. “One Blink For Yes”

14. “Photos in the Woods”

15. “Fresh Blood”

16. “Lamps”

17. “Hallucinations”

18. “Hanging Lights”

19. “Biking to School”

20. “Are You Sure?”

21. “Agents”

22. “Papa”

23. “Cops Are Good at Finding”

24. “No Weapons”

25. “Walking Through the Nether”

26. “She’ll Kill You”

27. “Run Away”

28. “No Autopsy”

29. “Dispatch”

30. “Joyce and Lonnie Fighting”

31. “Lights Out”

32. “Hazmat Suits”

33. “Theoretically”

34. “You Can Talk to Me”

35. “What Else Is There to Do?”

36. “Hawkins Lab”

What do you think of the soundtrack finally being released? Have you had a chance to check out the show yet? Sound off below.

Source: Rolling Stone

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