‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack To Be Released On Cassette

Both Grammy nominated volumes of the score to Netflix's smash hit series Stranger Things are set to be released on cassette tape.

Heroic Hollywood | 'Stranger Things' Creators Reveal Season 2 Details Both Grammy nominated volumes of the score to Netflix’s smash hit series Stranger Things from composers Kyle Dixon are Michael Stein are set to be released on cassette tape July 14, one day before the one-year anniversary of the shows premiere on the streaming service.

The music of the series which was a bit of an homage to the music of Tangerine Dream was so impactful that it became a character in an of itself as it helped transport audiences back the simpler times of the ’80s but with a modern edge added to the sound. Dixon and Stein themselves, both members of a larger electronic group known as S U R V I V E, began developing the sound of the series using vintage analog synthesizers and the script before any of the first season had been filmed. They have also returned to score the second season of the series which hits Netflix this Halloween.

The retro release of the synth score via Lakeshore Records will feature the soundtrack on a red cassette tape similar to the show’s iconic logo enclosed within cases made to look like a VHS tape with cardboard sleeves featuring the show’s artwork by Kyle Lambert as well as promotional images from the series.

Both volumes will be available on July 14 exclusively at Urban Outfitters. You can check out images of the cassette and the artwork below.

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Source: Pitchfork

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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