Joel Kinnaman: ‘Suicide Squad 2’ May Begin Filming In 2018

Suicide Squad
Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Suicide Squad managed to best expectations in spite of the challenges placed in front of it – although poor critical reception certainly has lead Warner Brothers think their options over instead of confirming a sequel immediately after the film’s opening weekend. Actor Joel Kinnaman (who plays the squad’s leader, Rick Flag) reveals that – to his understanding – the current plan is for filming to start next year.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kinnaman stated that Suicide Squad 2 is still in active development in spite of a lack of clear status updates from Warner Bros.:

“As far as I know they’re writing the script and I think the plan is to shoot it sometime in 2018, but that could change. I think I’ll definitely come back for it. Ultimately, I’d love for David Ayer to direct it, but if he doesn’t want to direct it then someone who is great with character and that’s able to ground the story and maybe put these characters in a more normal situation. It would be really interesting to see these crazy characters interact with regular people as well.”

Ayer is currently busy with both the planned Scarface remake and another DC project – Gotham City Sirens – making his return to direct the sequel incredibly unlikely. In any case, a lot of Suicide Squad fans have indicated that they’re interested in the possibility of a more grounded sequel, which would lend itself better to making the follow-up an R-rated feature.

Suicide Squad is available on home video formats right now. The film’s cast includes Will Smith as Floyd Lawton (Deadshot), Margot Robbie as Dr. Harleen Quinzell (Harley Quinn), Jared Leto as the Joker, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Jai Courtney as George “Digger” Harkness (Captain Boomerang), Jay Hernandez as Chato Santana (El Diablo), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Waylon Jones (Killer Croc), Cara Delevingne as June Moone (Enchantress), Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, Adam Beach as Christopher Weiss (Slipknot), and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (Batman).

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Based On The ‘Justice League’ Trailer, The DCEU Is Course-Correcting For The Better

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Justice League DCEU
The DC Extended Universe has been going through some growing pains. Already somewhat behind the curve when compared to their friendly competition, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they needed to play catchup in a big way.

Under the reins of Zack Snyder, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters. Man of Steel introduced us to a new iteration of Superman. This one was somewhat darker. While the first film for DC’s new cinematic universe was well received, it did strike a chord with some. Criticized for being too dark (especially the horror that was unleashed on Metropolis in the third act of the film), Man of Steel had its detractors. However, it was a solid movie for an orientation of the DCEU.

Somewhat deviating from the “Marvel Playbook,” and instead of taking their time and establishing their characters in the DCEU, Warner Bros. decided to do the opposite and put two of their greatest heroes together for a slugfest in Batman v Superman. This film served to do a little bit, of course, correcting and addressing the human carnage caused by Superman in Man of Steel and have a new iteration of Batman be introduced as an antagonist for the character. By having both of those characters in the next movie duking it out, it wasn’t sure if this was a Man of Steel sequel, or a Batman movie. In a sense, it failed by making two opposing forces the central character and the film needed one of them to be the “primary good guy.” The film also did a soft introduction to other metahumans within the DCEU via a unique cameo presentation that writhed fans a little. Of course, the “Martha” moment did not go over well either. There were other complaints for the film as well that we don’t need to once again rehash. Even with all its criticisms, the film did its job by slowly (sometimes irritatingly) orienting their new cinematic universe and preparing us for all the upcoming films. Those who saw the film’s Ultimate Edition know that it was a infinitely superior version and helped close the gaps many had questions about. It also helped prepare us for the upcoming films.

Suicide Squad, the third entry in the DCEU was a very interesting choice. After all the hype built up from the previous two films, Warner Bros. decided to take a detour and introduce a new group of characters. This time, they were villains, forced to be the good guys under threat of death and the reward of lessening their sentence. As brilliant as the concept is in the comics, it did not successfully translate to the screen, as there were significant problems with the script and pacing. It was not all bad, though. The film gave us some great characters like Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), who stood out significantly, mainly due to the actors giving their all in the film. It’s no surprise that there are talks of a Deadshot spin-off and a Gotham City Sirens film as well. The film also racked up a significant amount of money at the box office, so rest assured, we’ll get another Suicide Squad film.

This year, Warner Bros. has two DCEU films in its slate. The first is Wonder Woman, the solo female-led superhero film that is looking quite promising. Set way before the events of any of the other DCEU films time-wise, this technically will be “the first” DCEU film, as its event mainly take place during World War I. The film is due to hit theaters in a couple months, so we’ll have to wait and see how it does.

Even more buzzed about is Justice League. One thing that has been noted is that the film will not have that much of a “dark” tone. Given the feedback that we’ve seen so far, the case was made for Justice League to be a little more “light” instead of having the dreariness that the previous DCEU films had. Luckily for us, we got a taste of what’s to come. Recently, the first official trailer for Justice League dropped for audiences. It’s pretty good! The trailer was well cut, had a killer soundtrack, and just left a better mood for the franchise.

Has the DCEU finally done the course-correcting fans had hoped for? Let’s take a look? Click Next to see…

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