EXCLUSIVE: ‘Suicide Squad’ 2nd Trailer Shot-for-Shot Breakdown

Suicide Squad

Time for one last big heist in 2015. A lot of readers asked me about a second Suicide Squad trailer so I went and cased this score. From what I’m told, the following trailer is supposed to be released sometime next month. I’m of the opinion this could be released around NFL playoffs/Superbowl time.

However, a leak of this magnitude, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is pushed or scrapped altogether. Then again, Warner Bros. spent a long time putting this Suicide Squad trailer together so it wouldn’t make sense to scrap it. Let’s get right to it because this is pretty damn cool and original.

According to trusted sources, the following is how it goes down. For starters, the Suicide Squad trailer is cut to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody. I will include the lyrics in bold to help readers understand how it is cut to the trailer.

Is this the real life… Camera pans down a prison hallway, like we saw in footage at San Diego Comic-Con. A guard closes the metal window that we see on some prison doors. We see it is Captain Boomerang they close the window on.

Is this just fantasy… We see Harley Quinn drinking tea and reading a book in her cell. She has a jumper on, her hair is up in curls, she has pink fuzzy slippers on as well.

Caught in a landslide… Deadshot is looking out a window from his cell. It is raining outside.

No escape from reality… Diablo is doing push-ups in his cell, another shot of him looking at a flame in his hand. Looking at the tv of a prison camera feed in Captain Boomerang’s cell, he’s yelling at it. Amanda Waller talks at a dinner table like comic con footage.

Too late… Warner Bros and DC Logo, neon blue and pink, like Harley’s colors. Guards in armor running down prison hallway like in comic con footage.

My time has come… Deadshot in his cell, facing the door in a fighting stance, like a boxer. Guards open door to his cell and attack him. He’s being held down in what looks like a medical chair, guards hit him in the stomach with a club.

Send shivers down my spine… A guard opens a metal tank, Diablo falls out in a rush of water, he’s soaked to the bone. There is then a shot of a medical room, like an OR. Killer Croc is being wheeled in like the comic con footage. Deadshot says “What is this, uh, cheerleading tryouts?

Body aching all the time… A yellow bodybag is cut open, and Captain Boomerang climbs out and punches one of MANY military looking guys around him. (I’m guessing this is how they get them out of the prison without anybody knowing). Slipknot punches what looks like a female FBI agent holding an SUV door open, then other FBI agents restrain him. Harley pops up and says “Hi boys”, she looks normal here. Deadshot and Diablo are in prison jumpsuits with military guys behind Harley.

Goodbye everybody… Sliding doors opens with two military guards. Rick Flagg is now going through Deadshot’s file with a normal looking Enchantress behind him. He says “Deadshot. Uhh… shoots people.” We then see Deadshot in his suit looking down with guns in his hands. Rick Flagg “Crocodile. He eats people.” Croc pulls his hood down. Another shot of Croc jumping out of some water in what looks like a sewer and pulls some guard in with him. A close up shot of Diablo with Flagg voiceover “He burns people. Shot of Enchantress, now looking like a witch, sitting on a bed, finger to her mouth motioning to “shhhh” with Flagg voiceover “You’re possessed by a witch.” Harley laughing behind bars, Flagg voiceover “And she’s just crazy.” Shot of Harley, from the same outside shot we saw early saying “What was that?” We see a shot of the military guys outside. Back to Harley “I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry… it’s the voices.” Cut back to Slipknot, then back to Harley “Hahaha I’m kidding. That’s not what they really said.” Another shot from earlier where we see Deadshot and Diablo out in the in the compound with the military guys (it is daylight during this scene). Flagg “This is the deal.” Shot of helicopter flying through city around dusk.

No. We will not let you go… We see the helicopter under attack, troops on the ground and there is lots of damage to buildings and vehicles. Flagg “You’re going somewhere very bad.” We see a humvee that is destroyed, almost looks melted.

We will not let you go… Inside of helicopter cabin, we see it being at at from the ground. Then we see a hero shot of Deadshot, Katana, Diablo, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flagg, and Harley Quinn. Flagg “You do something that’ll get you killed.” Captain Boomerang and Slipknot share an exchange of looks of concern. A camera follows Flagg and Deadshot and they lead people inside a building, guns raised.

We will not let you go… A large group of military guys coming into the same building from the last shot. We see a subway platform that has been destroyed, much like the street of earlier. Deadshot slides on his kneed towards camera firing his guns up in the air, Flagg firing his assault rifle behind him. We see Harley going up a glass elevator from the ground, she’s got a baseball bat in her hands and she’s waving to the ground.

Let me go-oh-oh-oh-oh… Deadshot says “Lets go save the world” with Flagg right next to him, standing by a fire. Harley shooting some guns, Deadshot shooting, Captain Boomerang attacks a monster (helpers of Enchantress once she turns). Croc slams a monster to the ground.

No no no no no… Harley blows hair from her face, in that sexy way girls do. Joker is wearing a gold jacket and slaps some guy in the face, and says “I can’t wait to show you my toys.”

Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia… (There are a bunch of quick cuts here) Deadshot attacking, Joker laughing with what looks like a gun in his hand, Joker pulling on a light, Joker driving in his car (like comic con footage), Joker laying on the ground around HUNDREDS of knives and guns and other sorts of weapons. A big explosion, Deadshot loading clips and takes aim, Diablo yelling, the pace slows down as we see Captain Boomerang open a can of beer and take a drink, Katana’s eyes turn completely black, Harley dancing sexy in a club, helicopters shooting (Then the screen goes black with the following words, in Suicide Squad font)

WORST… Military guys fist bumping

HEROES… Incubus destroys subway train (he is a character that Enchantress creates, and is completely CG)

EVER… (Queen) So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye… (more quick cuts) Joker pulls a gun on a guy, which a henchman behind him. Croc grabs Katana. Normal looking Harley (before transformation) slams arms down on a table. Big fight in the street at night. Enchantress before her change. More quick cuts of all the characters. The Joker diving into a chemical tank. Joker pulling Harley out of chemical tank.

Oooooh baby… More quick cuts of characters. Harley jumps to a rope. Harley smashes the window of a department store at night, startling the group. She walks into display and pulls out a bag/purse. Flagg “Seriously, the hell is wrong with you people?” Harley puts on purse and rolls her eyes “We’re bad guys. It’s what we do.”

Nothing really matters… Suicide Squad logo To me…

So there you have it guys. Pretty cool and original don’t you think? Chime in your thoughts in the comments! Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5th, 2016.

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

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