Did You Catch This Newly Found Batman Easter Egg In ‘Suicide Squad’?

A new easter egg alluding to the Batman mythos has been spotted in a Gotham City skyline scene that was shown in this summer's 'Suicide Squad'.

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A new Batman Easter egg has been spotted in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Gotham City has been seen in 2 out of the 3 DC Extended Universe movies that have been released to date. It makes sense, considering Batman has always been considered the comic companie’s live action superstar. After the mixed-at-best reception to their first attempt, Man of Steel, it seems like “adding more Batman” is a no-brainer.

This doesn’t just include the Dark Knight himself, but everything else that comes along with him. His mythos is so extensive there is a (surprisingly) successful show on Fox right now – Gotham – that stars everyone in his history except Batman. It should come as no surprise that along with the actual man himself, Batman’s settings and ancillary character (see: villains) would also be given numerous shout-outs.

Aside from explicitly starring some of Batman’s most well known rogues, Suicide Squad also contained a number of other more subtle easter eggs referring to the Batman mythos. A new easter egg has just been spotted, which hints at legendary Gotham crime boss, Carmine Falcone. You may know Falcone from Gotham, or just from the long history he’s had with the Bat.

In the Suicide Squad extended cut, there is a skyline view of Gotham, which contains a couple of glowing neon signs – one of which says ‘Falcone’ in a bright pink/purple cursive font. You can see it just below and off to the right of the center of the image.

Check out the Suicide Squad image below:

Suicide Squad Batman

This was most likely put in Suicide Squad for fun, as Falcone is well known to have ties to the most elite in Gotham. It would make sense he has his own building(s?) with his name glowing on the top. It in unknown if he will play any role in the upcoming Batman solo films, but as of right now we at least know he exists out there somewhere in Batfleck’s world, and has most likely already squared up against him at one point or another.

Are you surprised that a Carmine Falcone easter egg was hidden in Suicide Squad? Make sure to let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

Source: CinemaBlend

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