‘Suicide Squad’ Gets Ahead Of ‘Batman V Superman’ In Blu-Ray/DVD Sales

It seems Suicide Squad has gotten ahead of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Blu-Ray and DVD sales, according to The-Numbers. The former, since its release on home video, has sold over 1.6 million Blu-Rays and 971,026 DVDs. Whereas Batman v Superman has sold 1.5 million in Blu-Ray units and 619,096 DVDs. Monetarily speaking, Suicide Squad beats out Dawn of Justice by a pretty large margin, with the former making a total of $48,416,041 vs the latter’s $39,156,850 in Blu-Ray sales.

This is interesting seeing as how Dawn of Justice came out on home video far before Suicide Squad did and by all accounts, both Batman and Superman are both far more popular characters than many of the ones who appear in David Ayer’s film. Another fun fact is that the movie is also beating out other comic book movie adaptations like Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War.

Fans have long argued over which film is better and, although both films were received by a mixed critical reception, both Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman have made a good amount of money at the global box office. Suicide Squad 2 is already being developed and Batman and Superman will be seen again in this year’s Justice League.

Source: The-Numbers via DC Comics Movie

Deadliest Super Villain Groups In Comic Books

Everyone loves the hero, but the super villain gets to have all the fun. The Justice League and Avengers are great, but their foes are just as powerful. And, unlike their heroic counter parts, the villains have no problem being deadly on the battlefield.

Some villains are scary enough on their own (I’m looking at you Joker) but sometimes they need to team up to be able to meet their goal. Two heads are always better than one, even if their evil heads, and ten evil heads is even better. At the end of the day there are very few villains who can take down a full team of superheroes by themselves. It falls to super villains to come together and start alliances to earn any of the respect they so badly want.

Head to the comment section and let me know if I forgot about any of your favorite super villain groups!

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