‘Suicide Squad’ Characters Added To ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Mobile

Suicide Squad Injustice

Injustice: Gods Among Us has been a very popular property for Warner Bros. and DC as a whole. Whether it is through the comic or the games, fans have really responded to it quite well. And now, in the mobile version of the game, new characters based off of the Suicide Squad film have been added just in time for the movie’s release this weekend.

Deadshot headlines the new character additions from the new film, whereas the Joker and Harley Quinn are both updated with skins based off of their appearances from the movie as well. You can download the Injustice: Gods Among Us app from both the App Store and Google Play now. Perhaps you can play the app while in line for the new Suicide Squad movie this weekend. It’s sure looking like it’ll be quite busy.

Build an epic roster of DC super heroes and villains and get ready for battle! INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US is a free-to-play collectible card game where you build a roster of characters, moves, powers, and gear and enter the arena in touch-based 3-on-3 action combat.

Here is what you can expect from the latest update:

Introducing some very bad people, who can do some good. Play as Suicide Squad Deadshot, a brand new character in Injustice with unique fighting moves, and all new Special Moves. He is joined by Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and two new versions of The Joker from the Suicide Squad Movie – Suicide Squad The Joker, and Suicide Squad The Joker Unhinged. The Suicide Squad Joker Unhinged will be available in an all new Multiplayer season. All other characters will have distinct Challenges and be available for purchase in the store!

Source: App Store; Google Play

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