‘Suicide Squad’ A Major Contributor To Warner Brothers’ Success In 2016

Thought Suicide Squad flopped? Think again! In a new interview with Warner Brothers CEO Jeff Bewkes, he reveals his delight with the film.

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The DC Extended Universe properly kicked off this year with two huge releases. In March, we finally saw Batman meet Superman, with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill playing the respective parts. In August, we saw the return of The Joker, played by Jared Leto, and the debut of fan-favourite, Harley Quinn, portrayed by Australian actress, Margot Robbie. While many were divided on the quality of the two films, both movies were extremely successful for the studio behind them. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice demolished the box office, making over $870 million worldwide, and Suicide Squad exceeded everybody’s expectations when it finished its run with $745 million worldwide.

At a function today, Warner Brothers CEO Jeff Bewkes revealed that the previously mentioned Suicide Squad exceeded the studio’s expectations at the box office:

“In film, Warner Bros. had a strong quarter led by Suicide Squad and has the number 1 release of the fall in Sully, while anticipation is off the charts for J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which hits the big screen on Nov. 18.”

Bewkes continued:

“The entertainment conglomerate, led by chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes, posted earnings of $1.87 per share, or $1.83 per share in earnings from continuing operations. Wall Street had on average forecast earnings of $1.37 per share, compared with $1.25 in the year-ago period. Even when excluding a 28 cents per share benefit from an IRS-approved tax accounting change the results beat estimates.”

When asked about Suicide Squad‘s brilliantly diverse cast, the CEO stated his pleasure with the film, you can check out the video interview below:

What do you guys make of all this? Were you pleased with Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman? Or did they fail in your opinion? Personally, I have enjoyed every comic book film this year, but I am an easy man to please.

Source: Variety

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