‘Suicide Squad’: David Ayer Reflects On Story Issues & More

Page 1 - Yesterday, a fan reached out to Suicide Squad director David Ayer to show their appreciation for the film. Jody, or @PensFanboy on Twitter,...

Suicide Squad David Ayer

Yesterday, a fan reached out to Suicide Squad director David Ayer to show their appreciation for the film. Jody, or @PensFanboy on Twitter, exclaimed that they are thankful for the film and even labeled it a masterpiece. A few hours later, Ayer replied with an honest, in-depth few paragraphs outlining his thoughts on the film, as well as the critic’s reaction.

Ayer was also sure to kick the message off by thanking Jody for the praise, as well as acknowledging how controversial the film ended up being:

“Thank you so much. I know it’s a controversial film, I really tried to make something different, with a look and a voice of its own.”

He went on to explain his reasoning behind some of the decisions he made, as well as the harsh reaction some of those decisions received:

“I took inspiration from the insanity of the original comics. Making a movie is a journey, not a straight line. I learned so much. People want what they want, and everyone has a personal vision of how each character should look and walk and talk. If you set out to make a mass appeal movie, it’s easy to end up with vanilla. But I went for it. Nothing hurts more than to pick up a newspaper and see a couple years of your blood, sweat and tears ripped to shreds. The hate game is strong out there.”

Not forgetting the positives, Ayer went on to talk about the commercial success of the film. Let’s not forget that domestically Suicide Squad pocketed $325m for Warner Bros, in addition to the $420m international box office total. Also, fans generally enjoyed the portrayal of most of the characters which is, of course, a good thing for the DCEU going forward:

“The movie was wildly successful commercially. And the world got introduced into some very cool characters in the DC Universe. And that success is due exactly to the wonder and power of DC, of it’s characters.”

When it comes down to it, though, Ayer admits there are a few things he would have done differently and that he just has to learn from his mistakes. He also put the nail in the coffin of any ‘extended Joker cut’ rumors that are still floating around.

“Would I do a lot of things different? Yep, for sure.

“Wish I had a time machine. I’d make Joker the main villain and engineer a more grounded story. I have to take the good and bad and learn from it. I love making movies and I love DC. I’m a High School dropout and used to paint houses for a living. I’m lucky to have the job I have. I have to five the characters stories and plots they deserve next time. Real talk.”

“(And no, there isn’t a secret edit of the film with a bunch of Joker scenes hidden in a salt mine somewhere.)”

Suicide Squad: Extended Cut is now available on Digital HD and in stores on DVD, Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray.

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