‘Suicide Squad’: Jay Hernandez Talks El Diablo, Possible Return

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad


Out of the ragtag group of villains that made up ‘Suicide Squad‘, perhaps the greatest surprise was Jay Hernandez’s Chato Santana, aka El Diablo. Ayer and Hernandez took someone who, in all honestly, was a C-or-D-lister beforehand, and they turned him into a sympathetic, totally compelling character. I would’ve loved to see more of this guy, and in an interview with Comicbook.com, it seems Hernandez wouldn’t mind either. Hernandez talked about Diablo’s “blaze of glory” ending, and it sounds like he wasn’t even aware his character would be killed off until later in the game.

“It was interesting, because there were some changes that happened later on. I didn’t know that’s how the end was going to happen, early on. For me, it was important to make it good, make it impressive, and go out in a blaze of glory. Ultimately, I think it worked to give it some meaning, some emotional weight to the end of the story.”

At the end of the film, Diablo sacrifices himself so the bomb can be detonated, killing the Enchantress’ brother, Incubus. But seeing as how this is the crazy world of comic books, anything is possible. When asked if there’s a chance El Diablo could return for a ‘Suicide Squad‘ sequel, Hernandez seemed fairly optimistic.

“Of course there is [a chance he could return]! I’m not saying anything, just that it’s a possibility.”

As impressive as his heroic sacrifice was, another stand-out moment for El Diablo was his scene at the bar. There, he finally reveals what’s caused him to repress his powers – the accidental outburst of his that killed his wife and children. It’s the kind of scene that can make-or-break the emotional core of your film, and Hernandez talked about wanting to get it right.

“It was the scene I was most focused on. I wanted to make sure, because a lot of the story hinges on that moment. It’s the moment the Squad is sort of galvanized. Before that, it’s a bunch of just random people and everybody has their own goal and direction, they hate each other, some are plotting to kill each other. After that, they sit down and they realize this is it, this is their shot or not, and they decide to do the honorable thing. I think part of why that happens is the opening up of Diablo, who has been closed off for the whole movie up to that point. It was a pivotal moment, and a really important scene for me.”

What did you think of El Diablo? Would you like to see him return? While I don’t think a character like El Diablo is a major priority for DC, Hernandez’s take on him was so interesting, I wouldn’t mind a comeback at all. Plus, since death is an inconvenience more than a tragedy in the comic book universe, I’m sure a viable reason for his return could be found.

You can see Jay Hernandez as El Diablo in ‘Suicide Squad‘, in theaters now.

Source: Comicbook.com

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