A ‘Suicide Squad’ Member Killed Robin

*POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT* If you have not seen Suicide Squad yet and want to go in with as little information as possible, the information revealed in this article can be a potential spoiler for those wanting to uncover the easter eggs for themselves. You have been warned.

After months of anticipation, Suicide Squad is now in theaters for fans to see. It has been getting negative critical reviews, and many have been leaving the film with mixed reactions with two of our own writers having both a negative and positive outlook on the film. But I’d argue that audiences should go check it out for themselves – especially if you are a major DC comics fan because if that were the case, you would have a ball keeping an eye on the many easter eggs that David Ayer’s film is riddled with.

One of the most interesting easter eggs that helped lend to the continuity of the DC Extended Universe was one involving the fate of Jason Todd AKA Robin, who was revealed to have been killed when Bruce Wayne walked passed the graffitied suit in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. During Harley Quinn’s introduction scene,  there is a reference to her having a hand in Robin’s death. It is an easter egg that only laser-focused fans may notice, but it definitely caught my interest when I saw it in the film.

The prospect of having Harley Quinn involved in Robin’s death adds an intriguing narrative to Batman’s story as the DCEU continues to roll along. In fact, it adds a bit more nuance to the scene in the film where Batman rescues her after the Joker’s Lamborghini crashes into the water. I hope that more of this is explored in Ben Affleck’s untitled Batman film, and assuming that Margot Robbie reprises her role in that, Harley and Batsy’s next confrontation will be an exciting one.

You can see Suicide Squad in theaters now.


Noah Villaverde

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