‘Suicide Squad’ Reviewed By ‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman Director Reviews Suicide Squad On Twitter

Director Patty Jenkins has been all hands on deck in the editing bay working on DC’s next feature film Wonder Woman, but she managed to get away to show her DC support and stop by the London premiere of Suicide Squad. After seeing the film she tweeted her thoughts.

“Uh… You guys. Super confused. Just went to the premiere of #SuicideSquad. Hadn’t seen it. It’s great!” Jenkins wrote. “Not sort of great. GREAT! I mean… I loved it. So surprised by some reviews. I don’t get it. I thought it was awesome. And NOT just because I’m in the DC world. Truly.”

Fans who haven’t even seen the film yet seem to be baffled and/or worried about all the negative feedback Suicide Squad has been getting, specifically from what they’ve seen on Rotten Tomatoes. These couple tweets may hopefully help put some of you at ease who are on the edge feeling defeated in a from the ripping it apart. The best advice I can personally give is to find a few film critics you really trust and often agree with and just go off what they have to say rather than the large majority. In any case most of us “sweaties,” “fanboys” will be seeing the film tomorrow night to form our own opinion on the matter.

Intelligence officer Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) decides to assemble a team of dangerous, incarcerated supervillains for a top-secret mission. Figuring it has nothing to lose, the U.S. government supplies weapons to Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) and other despicable inmates. Dubbed the Suicide Squad, the united criminals must defeat a mysterious and powerful entity while contending with the antics of the diabolical Joker (Jared Leto).

Suicide Squad opens in select theaters tomorrow night and everywhere Friday, August 5th, 2016! *counting the hours*

Nick Navarro

Nick Navarro

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  • Math

    I just watched the collider video review of the movie (they usually have very similar tastes then mine) and it didn’t sound as bad as everything else I was reading, so maybe I’ll go see it on a cheap Tuesday so I don’t have to pay full price. It still stinks of studio interference though and that’s really disappointing. On one hand, I don’t want to encourage a studio who forces bad decisions on good filmmakers based on stupid marketing reports. On the other, I really want to see this movie.

    On this story though, it’s hard to trust the word of a filmmaker who is being paid to work on a movie for the same company, left alone the same shared universe. She’s obviously not ever going to say she hated it. I guess she would have not said anything had that been the case, but still, it’s not the most convincing of statements given the relationship there. That’s like saying if Sammy likes it, then we should all like it.

    But if anything, seeing it with lowered expectations might end up increasing my enjoyment of the final product.

  • Tony Massafera Maesaka

    The movie is VERY GOOD

    But is not what i wanted


    Cause Warner made a Marvel movie

    But one thing i have to say: critics dont have the right to bash the movie.
    Warner did what they wanted
    Warner made a Marvel Disney movie

    8/10 in my opinion

    • Hawkeye321

      Critics don’t have the right to offer their opinion? Get real. “Bash” is your interpretation of their negative opinion, because you’re butthurt. 0/10.

      • Darthmanwe

        You two are pathetic. Both of you -100000000000/ 10.

        Get lost.

  • gradybridges

    Like the director of another DCU movie was going to say anything else. Nice click bait article

  • Quiubo

    The critics I usually agree with all hated it.

  • Nick Farina

    I usually always agree with Peter Travers at Rolling Stone. He gave both Man of Steel & BvS positive reviews….He skewered Suicide Squad with a 1 star review. I still plan on seeing it and making my own mind, but damn…

  • This reaction does little to make me feel better about SS and actually makes me more worried about WW now…

  • rogbngp

    At Collider Campea and Schnepp like it. Both said it’s a fun film even with its editing problems. This film is not trying to be Citizen Kane. It’s a fun summer popcorn flick CBM. There are three simple guidelines I follow to appreciate a movie: 1) do I care about the characters and what happens to them?, 2) does the unfolding story draw me in and keep me engaged?, and 3) how well crafted is the film artistically and technically? If the answers to these are mostly in the positive territory then the film has succeeded in entertaining me, and it’s a win. I go in to the theater ~hoping and wanting~ to have a good time, to be entertained–not to pick the film apart! Using this approach I’m confident from Schnepp’s and Campea’s reviews, and now Jenkins’, that I’m going to have a good time when I see this film tomorrow!