‘Suicide Squad’ Makes Bank For Warner Bros., Wraps Domestic Theatrical Run With $325 Million

Despite an avalanche of criticism, David Ayer's Suicide Squad cleaned up this year, ending its domestic theatrical run this week with $325,100,054.

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Despite an avalanche of criticism, David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad cleaned up at the box office this year, ending its theatrical run this week with $325,100,054 in domestic dollars, according to BoxOfficeMojo. Internationally, the film made $420,500,000, bringing its grand total to $745,600,054.

The film’s budget was $175 million, not including the expensive and effective marketing campaign responsible for much of its business. In a The Tracking Board column, Neil Turitz said his sources at Warner Bros. were quite happy with the results and dismissive of the production problems that went on prior to release. Amidst director Rick Famuyiwa’s exit from The Flash movie, he quoted his source as saying “Sorry, we were too busy laughing about all the money we made on Suicide Squad to worry too much this latest turn of events with a movie that isn’t as high on our list of important projects. I mean, it’s not like it’s Aquaman.” Turitz goes on to write that the film “did wonders for the company’s third quarter numbers.” I imagine the merchandising alone was a money-making beast. 

There haven’t been any updates on the proposed sequel in the wake of the film’s success, although there was movement today on a Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey spinoff with the hire of Christine Hodson to write the flick. In the meantime, we can all look forward to the Extended Cut, which adds 11 more minutes to the movie. It hits digital Nov. 15 and Blu-ray December 13.

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