‘Suicide Squad’ Going For The Threepeat Win At The Weekend Box Office


Following the film crossing the $500M mark worldwide, it appears that Warner Bros. Suicide Squad is also going to be the second superhero film to pull off a threepeat win (which was only pulled off by Deadpool so far) at the box office this year. Matiness currently have the film currently eyeing around $20M for the weekend which is about a -55% drop. Before you jump to conclsions on that one, that drop is quite similiar to those seen by both Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (-54.5%) and Captain America: Civil War (-54.7%) in their third weekends earlier this year. This number will push the film past $260M at the domestic box office by Sunday, which will have it about +17% ahead of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s cume at around the same period.

The only film that could potentially put up a fight for the top spot this weekend is Sony’s Sausage Party, which is looking at around $17M for the weekend. It’s going to be a softer weekend when it comes to the new releases with both War Dogs & Kubo And The Two Strings neck to neck for the third place spot eyeing around $14-15M for the weekend. Ben-Hur thought appears to be crashing and burning with estimates pointing towards $10-12M for the film with an $100M price tag attached. What are you checking out this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.


    Oh wow, look at that…And it still hasn’t opened in Germany, Japan, and a few other markets.

    • xxjinzaxx

      Suicide Squad wird die Nummer eins sein!
      Suicide Squad Ichi!

  • Napi

    Where is Marquis de Sade? Oh! Right in the corner of the billion club xDxdD LOL!!

    • Marquis de Sade

      Well you know what they say, Nappy, “IT’S LONELY AT THE TOP, CUZ THERE’S SO MANY LOSERS AT THE BOTTOM.”

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        Tell us then Marquis… how’s the bottom? xdXdXD LOL!!!

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          Your logic doesn’t match Earth logic.

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