‘Supergirl’: Chyler Leigh On Sanvers, Says Story Is ‘Beautifully Done’

Supergirl Chyler Leigh

One of the best things about Supergirl season two is the storyline of Alex Danvers’ coming out as gay as she fell in love with Detective Maggie Sawyer.

The storyline touched many people and actress Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex, would never have realized the impact it has had on so many. She and Floriana Lima, who plays Maggie, recently attended the GLAAD awards where Supergirl was nominated. Speaking to People on the red carpet, Leigh says she thought the story was “beautifully done.”

“There was no way we would have known the impact that this would have had. We definitely wanted it to be a strong representation, and that’s why we’ve thought so hard about it and wanted it to be beautifully done, so I’m just really happy with the writers of Supergirl, who have really brought this to life.”

Leigh was surprised that the storyline happened, but is grateful that it did, especially on a superhero show where change is sometimes slower to come. But representation matters and Leigh is happy about being able to play one half of the couple, often referred to as Sanvers.

“People are so used to just the cut-and-dried comic book kind of storyline. The great thing about Supergirl is that we’re reaching a lot of social issues [and] we’re doing it in a way that is recognized by people who love the comic book lore and that kind of stuff … For us to be able to take that on in that environment, and like kick people’s a–, and give a peck on the cheek and just say, hey, I’m finding out more about me because of you. It’s a love story, and it’s beautiful.”

You can read more on what both actresses have to say about their onscreen relationship and the impact it has had here.

Supergirl airs on Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: People

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