‘Supergirl’ Clip: Jimmy Olsen Explains Why He Wants To Be A Superhero

'Supergirl' video features new scene & executive producer Ali Adler discussing Jimmy Olsen's decision to become a superhero.

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The second season of Supergirl has been relatively light on the Jimmy Olsen appearances, but that will soon change when Superman’s Pal takes on a new role as the Guardian later this season. While the comics have occasionally granted Jimmy Olsen the opportunity to assume some super roles, this will mark the first time the character, played by Mechad Brooks, will have a chance to join the ranks of full-fledged superhero on the show. Now a brand new video giving fans a sneak peak at the upcoming episode titled “Crossfire” features a new clip where Jimmy Olsen himself explains the reason he feels the need to be a superhero.

In addition to providing story details for the episode, the video features executive producer Ali Adler, who reveals the motive behind Jimmy’s decision to step up his role.

“James is feeling powerless when he’s the victim of some violence during one of these jewelry heists and he decides it’s time for him to become a superhero of his own.”

Adler also addressed the fact that Jimmy does not have superpowers.

“James is not an alien, he’s not a superhero and he only has mortal skills, but like maybe another caped avenger we know James will not take ‘no’ for an answer.”

The video also features a scene where Jimmy confides in a concerned Winn, played Jeremy Jordan, and explains the personal reason he wants to transition from side-kick to superhero. Check out the full video below!


Supergirl airs on Monday at 8:00 pm ET on The CW.

Source: YouTube

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