‘Supergirl/’Flash’ Executive Producer On Creating The Musical Crossover

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Next week fans of Supergirl and The Flash will be provided with some relief from the relatively serious tone of recent episodes when both heroes unite for a musical crossover. Tapping into the musical talents of various members of the ‘Arrowverse’ cast, the episode will be notable change of pace for both shows, featuring dance numbers and singing as opposed to action and special effects. In an interview with TV Insider, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed the logistics of creating a musical episode.

Blake Neely, composer for both shows, revealed that a musical episode had been discussed before Supergirl‘s debut.

“Greg [Berlanti, executive producer of all the Arrowverse shows] has been talking about a musical since before Supergirl started.”

When the episode’s villain, the Music Meister, knocks out both title characters he will send them to a dreamworld that emulates classic musicals. Kreisberg discussed the challenges Barry and Kara will face in the new world.

“They’re in a sort of MGM movie musical, and the only way to get home is to follow the plot, which includes gangsters and gun molls, big musical numbers and star-crossed lovers. It’s a lot of fun.”

Kreisberg revealed that the episode required more time to develop than usual.

“We started [working on] this a long time ago, far earlier than we would on a normal episode. Instead of doing stunts and visual effects, we were working on songs and dance. It wasn’t just the normal superhero stuff that we do.”

The episode will also feature cast members from Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow, Victor Garber and John Barrowman Kreisberg, who much like the supporting cast of Flash and Supergirl will be able to showcase their musical talent. Kreisberg discussed the logistics of bringing together such a large cast, especially considering Barrowman’s hefty workload at the time.

“As with any of our crossovers, it was really just a question of working out the scheduling. The week of filming, he was guest starring on Arrow, Legends and The Flash!”

Blake Neely revealed how they resolved the issue of balancing his L.A. based responsibilities and recording for Supergirl and Flash in Vancouver.

“I couldn’t stop that process to go to Vancouver and record them. So we recorded over Skype, from their studio to my studio.”

While some fans are bemoaning the very idea of a musical episode, for many, myself included, the episode offers a chance for both shows to break away from the comparatively dark tone of recent episodes and remind fans that superhero shows can take some time to just have fun.

Supergirl airs on Monday at 8:00 pm ET on The CW and The Flash airs on Tuesday at 8:00 pm ET on The CW. Be sure to check back with Heroic Hollywood after each episode for weekly reviews!

Source: TV Insider

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