‘Supergirl/’Flash’ Musical: Melissa Benoist On Reuniting With ‘Glee’ Co-Star

Supergirl Melissa Benoist

After battling super intelligent simians and xenophobic sinister research labs, The CW‘s The Flash and Supergirl will face a new type of threat when the Music Meister places them in a coma that sends them to an alternative reality where life imitates musicals. Playing the new foe is Darren Criss, who previously starred in Glee alongside Supergirl lead Melissa Benoist. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Benoist discussed her experience working on the episode and reuniting with her former Glee co-star.

Benoist discussed the amount of time she had to prepare for the musical episode.

“We didn’t have much prep. It honestly felt a lot like some of the Glee episodes we did where it was like, ‘Okay, we’re doing this thing, we have a week, and here are the songs, and now we dance the day we’re shooting it!’ I like that energy. That’s the way it should be, and that’s how it feels when you’re doing a musical onstage sometimes.”

Benoist noted the similarities between her experience on the musical episode and her time working on Glee.

“Yeah, especially with Darren [Criss] here, and we have Zach Woodlee, who was the choreographer on Glee, so it does feel like this little reunion. When you’re doing a musical number, there is a certain feeling I remember having on Glee, when I worked on the show. That immediately came back.”

Benoist talked about reuniting with former Glee co-star Darren Criss.

I could not be happier that he’s here. He’s killing this role. He’s bringing such a fun energy to set, the way he did on Glee as well. We interacted quite a bit on Glee. Our characters were in the New Directions together, and his was kind of a mentor for the younger group of kids, which I was a part of that. It’s obviously a different dynamic now, but nevertheless it’s a low-key artists net.

Benoist compared the Music Meister to previous adversaries on Supergirl and The Flash.

“I always love when our villains have a bit of tongue-in-cheek quirkiness about them. They get silly and goofy, and that’s definitely what this is. He’s kind of this all-knowing and all-powerful being that we don’t really know where he comes from or why he’s doing what he’s doing until the very end, but I guess that’s how he’s different. He’s very mysterious and more magical than violent.”

While some fans are opposed to the musical episode, for many, myself included, the episode may provide some respite from the heavy and relatively dark tone of recent episodes for both shows.

Are you excited for the musical episode? Are there any Glee fans out there for whom this episode will have a special significance considering it will feature a reunion between two former stars of the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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