Supergirl Learned The ‘Wonder Woman’ Move From Lynda Carter

Melissa Benoist Supergirl The CW

If you’re a follower of The CW‘s Supergirl TV series, then you know how much the network loves to drop nods to the rest of the DC universe. This was of course the case in the episode “Welcome to Earth” where former Wonder Woman icon Lynda Carter guest starred as President Olivia Marsdin.

If caught the episode then you probably remember that as Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl is set on fire, she quickly gets rid of the flames by spinning. This was a clear nod at the twirl transformation performed by Lynda Carter during the 1970’s Wonder Woman TV show, but you may not know is that Carter offered to teach Benoist how to do the famous move. In an interview with CinemaBlend, director Rachel Talalay talked about the nods in the episode and this moment in particular.

‘They were written in the script, and they were absolutely embraced. We were allowed to push them, but they were definitely in the script. That was great because that gave us permission to just say ‘We know we’re doing Wonder Woman homages.’ So there was an absolutely magical moment when it was scripted that Melissa was to do the Wonder Woman twirl to put herself out when she was on fire. Lynda came and said, ‘I’ll show you how to do it.’ I have on my phone a video of Lynda Carter showing Melissa Benoist how.’

We definitely want a copy of that video, as it would go viral in minutes!

Source: CinemaBlend