‘Supergirl’: Melissa Benoist On The Threat Posed By Mon-El’s Family

Supergirl Melissa Benoist

Though Supergirl and Mon-El’s relationship hit a significant speed bump after it was revealed that Mon-El was the Prince of Daxam and heir to his tyrannical parents, the couple appears to have made amends following Kara’s detour in a musical imitating world on The Flash. However, the super powered couples troubles are far from over now that Mon-El’s parents have arrived and are set to be the new primary antagonists of the season. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series lead Melissa Benoist commented on the new threat posed by Mon-El’s parents.

Benoist discussed the interaction between Kara and Mon-El’s mother Rhea.

“Isn’t that how things work that just when you get things settled, some wrench has to fall into the gears? The Daxamites pose some problems. Rhea is not necessarily a sweet prospect for a mother-in-law, but it’s really fun to see the way these characters interact.”

How do you feel about Kara and Mon-El reconciling so quickly? What plans do you think the King and Queen of Daxam have in store for earth? Share your thoughts below!

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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