‘Supergirl’ Producer Talks Superman’s Arrival & Mystery Character In The Rocket


Season 2 of Supergirl is going to be big in many ways, with Lynda Carter (the original Wonder Woman) coming in as the President, Tyler Hoechlin suiting up as Kara’s cousin, Superman and the show moving to The CW for its second year. In recent interviews with Comicbook.com, executive producer Sarah Schechter spoke about the arrival of Clark Kent/Superman as the show will be introducing him in the first two episodes. During their interview, she went in on the big differences between Kara and Clark in terms of how they were raised and the fact that Kara spent half her life on Krypton.

“It was a choice not to have him on the show last season because we did want to establish her. It’s not like we couldn’t get Superman so we did Supergirl. We wanted to do Supergirl, and frankly I find her backstory even more complicated and interesting. She spent thirteen years [on Krypton].

There’s nothing more complicated than being a thirteen-year-old girl on any planet, so to be thirteen and to lose everyone you know and everything — I mean, she’s a refugee and she has the depth of her backstory. Clark grew up here. He was a baby here. For him, the tragedy is that he doesn’t have any memories of that planet, of where he’s from. But she does, and I think it informs her in a really interesting way. Looking for where she fits in is a very complicated question, and so having Clark on this year — he’s the only family she has left, now that Laura Benanti is off being Melania Trump, and [Benanti is] irreplaceable.”

Comic Book also chatted with Schechter about who the mystery character in the rocket is as we saw a Kryptonian pod arrive on Earth in the Season 1 finale and while she wouldn’t give it away, she gave this following tease.

“I think people are going to be really excited when they find out, and I think it rewards both comic book fans and non comic book fans. I mean, I don’t know who’s not a comic book fan, but if those people do exist.”

Since then, it has been revealed that Chris Wood, who is coming into the show as a big DC mystery character, will in fact be the person inside the pod, but you will have to wait till October to find out who he is.

Supergirl Season 2 will be starting on Monday, October 10 at 8/7c on its new home, The CW.

Source: Comicbook.com [1] & [2]

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • Joey Wabi-Sabi

    I thought it was already confirmed at comic con that Mon-El (played by Chris Wood) was the person inside the ship? Was that just a rumor? Could’ve sworn I saw confirmation of this on a bunch of other sites. Maybe not.

    • Kelly Coats

      Only that Chris Wood is who is in the pod, it was never said who his character is….but Mon-El is the #1 rumor going around.

      • Wade Aiken

        I was thinking Mon-El as well, but Dev-Em might be another possibility

        • Kelly Coats

          Oh definitely a possibility as well, but isn’t he more connected to Mon-El, in that one needs to come before the other? Of course that can all be altered for television….and didn’t Dev-Em appear in “Man of Steel” ?

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