‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Will Be Closer To The Comics

For a while it looked like Supergirl might not get a second season. The switch to The CW gave it another chance, and it could allow the show to grow. While they have a strong first season to build upon, they’re now part of the wider CW/DC multiverse. It seems like that’s going to lead to the new season being truer to the comics.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg was talking with Collider about the second season. The biggest change is probably the introduction of Superman to the show. It sounds like adding Clark Kent is part of making the show closer to the original comic stories:

In some ways, the show is a little bit more comic book-y, with the addition of Superman and some of the things we’re trying, but it’s also gotten richer, with some of the characters and what they’ll be exploring this season.

One other way they’re doing that is by tapping in to their extensive DC Universe. With three other series on The CW, there will be plenty of crossover stories. That’s something which was inspired by the comics Kreisberg read when he was younger:

That’s the fun of comic books, and that’s what was always so great about them for us, when we were kids. Even when DC did “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” or Marvel did “Secret Wars,” they made them seem like these big, giant events, and that’s what we try to emulate in the crossovers.

There’s more than just that linking Supergirl to the other shows. Apparently Kreisberg thinks Kara Zor-El’s debut season is much like the debut season of Arrow:

We’re so proud of Supergirl last season, but it reminded us, a little bit, of Season 1 of Arrow. We knew there was a great show in there and, every once in awhile, we would make it great, but we didn’t know how to do it consistently yet.

Supergirl starts life on The CW on October 10, when it returns for its second season.

Source: Collider

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