‘Supergirl’: Xander Berkeley Joins Cast In Villainous Role

Xander Berkeley has joined the cast of Supergirl in a villainous role.

As reported by TV Insider, Xander Berkely of The Walking Dead fame will be joining the cast as Ben Lockwood, the father of the Season 4’s big-bad Ben Lockwood/ Agent Liberty.

The Season 4 trailer revealed that Agent Liberty will bring bigotry and hate to Supergirl as they will be going for a racist angle as Supergirl’s immediate surrounding will become filled with more hate and bias for extraterristerials thanks to seemingly endless barrage of super-powered skirmishes they bring to National City. Agent Liberty will be used to bring all of that into focus and his father, as played by Berkeley, will be the one who shapes Liberty’s mind. As the casting notes detail:

“A middle-class factory owner struggling to make ends meet in a world that’s rapidly changing due to the rise of aliens from outer space living amongst us,” per the casting news. The release goes on to explain that he’s “proud and single-minded, a family man who’s dedicated his life providing for people. The seeds of his discontent sows the beginning of an anti-alien wave.”

Yea, that sounds like the father of one Agent Liberty and if his role on Walking Dead is any indication – Berkeley is well prepped for the role. It will be interesting what interplay Berkely’s character has with Agent Liberty and whether he will be the one egging him on or trying to reel him in.

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Source: TV Insider

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