Supergirl’s Relationship With Mon-El To Be Explored This Season

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Season 2 of Supergirl has been done very well by The CW. With the additions of a brief appearance of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), which was one of the aspects many fans were mad about in season one that Superman was never really shown, Miss Martian (Sharon Leal), and Mon-El (Chris Wood), they have all added into greatness of the show.

Which leads to latter character. The first half of the season had a few moments where sparks flew between him and Kara, but towards the end of the half is when it started to get more interesting.

When the show returns on January 23rd, Kevin Smith will be directing the episode titled, “Supergirl Lives.” A recent clip from the episode showed a scene where the two had another moment where the two had a fling.

According to executive producer Ali Adler, we’ll see that romantic side of things continues over into the latter half of season 2.

She also told TV Line that, “We’ll explore more of that relationship… Kara still has to figure out how she feels about him.”

Knowing that Mon-El is hiding what could be an evil secret, will also have to be done, with Adler saying, “A lot of secrets have been brewing this season,” and as season 2 gets into its latter half, “We’ll get definitive answers.” It will be interesting to see where they go with Mon-El, considering that he is a hero. So I wouldn’t expect that he’s hiding a demonic secret.

It is great to see though that Kara might be getting a lover sometime down the road, considering that in comics, love is a huge part of the heroes.

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Source: TV Line 

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