New Report Claims Superman Casting Situation Was Completely Fabricated

Superman Henry Cavill Zack Snyder Man of Steel

It turns out that the recent situation regarding Henry Cavill’s future in the role of Superman in the DC Extended Universe may have been all smoke and mirrors, according to a new report from TMZ.

Many fans were caught off guard when it was revealed that Man of Steel star Henry Cavill was apparently no longer DC’s Superman. Since then, it’s been confirmed in a public statement from Warner Bros. that although no decision has been made on any future Superman movies, Cavill is not out of the role just yet.

The rumor regarding Cavill’s exit began when it was reported that he had turned down his cameo in the upcoming DC solo film Shazam! due to disagreements, followed by the actor taking the lead role in the upcoming Netflix series The Witcher, based on the hit video game.

According to a new report from TMZ, it’ possible that nothing was going on between Cavill and the studio, with the news being a complete fabrication. TMZ recently reported that according to their sources, no Superman movie is in development, but the bad blood between Warner Bros. and Cavill was invented for the story.

“Sources in the know tell TMZ, there’s no real discussion over the main role because there’s no active ‘Superman’ project. It’s true … Cavill has felt he was underpaid for the role and that’s an issue, as is what some say was an underwhelming performance.

We’re told if and when the next ‘Superman’ project is greenlit, Cavill along with others would be in play.”

If you were worried about losing Cavill as Superman before he even got his own solo sequel, you may be in luck. Although no Superman film is in development, hopefully, this recent kerfuffle regarding Cavill’s casting will cause that right kind of shake-up at Warner Bros. so that the Man of Steel will fly solo once again.

Source: TMZ