Incredible Artwork Imagines Michael B. Jordan As Superman

Superman Michael B. Jordan Henry Cavill

The latest piece of artwork from the talented BossLogic imagines Fantastic Four and Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan as DC’s Superman.

Recently, fans had to endure some worrisome news that Henry Cavill would be out as Superman in the DC Extended Universe. The rumor came on the heel of years of fans clamoring for a Man of Steel 2, so many were understandably upset by the news. Thankfully, it seems that Cavill, Warner Bros and the actor’s reps have since dismissed those rumors, though the studio did say that no decision had been made regarding future Superman films.

Along with the rumors that Henry Cavill was no longer going to be playing Superman, was the mention that Michael B. Jordan was potentially being considered for the role. Now, BossLogic has created a new piece of art imagining the Black Panther star as the iconic DC hero and it may look even more awesome than you could imagine. Check out the incredible costume design below.

Jordan may have been a strange choice as Superman for some fans but this art certainly does an incredible job of selling him in the role. Even if Cavill is still on board as Superman, Warner Bros. has already made it apparent with the upcoming Joker movie that they are willing to do “Elseworlds” type stories with characters played by different actors. That means that this could possibly happen but it’s still unlikely, or at least unannounced, as of right now.

The future of the DC Extended Universe on the big screen remains a mystery beyond the films coming out next year, so anything could happen. The costume seen in the art above would definitely make an incredible suit on the big screen no matter who is wearing it.

Which DC Extended Universe character would you like to see get an Elseworlds treatment, with another actor playing the part in a one-off film? Let us know in the comments below!